2 New Branches!

This is to inform you that we will have 2 new branches this October & November: 1. Address : Km 19 Mac Arthur Hi-way, Abangan Sur, Marilao Bulacan beside HYUNDAI Auto Shop. Target Opening Date : October 18 2. Address : 2/F Barrington Place, 27 Congressional Avenue, Quezon City (FRANCHISED OUTLET) Target Opening Date : […]


Buy any Gryn Wasabi BILAO PRODUCT and get the PARTY COOLER for BUY 1, TAKE 1. Valid from Oct 1-31, 2014

Top 10 Most Favorite Friendship Quotes of all time

A German pastor said “The aim of friendship is exclusively determined by what God’s will is for the other person”. This what makes friendship as one of life’s greatest gift. To celebrate friendship and true friends here’s our list of Top 10 Most Favorite Friendship Quotes of all time… 1. Nothing is nicer than having […]


HOW TO KEEP OUR BFF FOR KEEPS… Friends are hard to find, in a lifetime you get only a few. So keep them because people who have friends live life happier and enjoys life much more because they have a better sense of belongingness and self-esteem. So we listed up things we can do to […]

Top 12 Videoke Songs for BFF’s!

They say True friends are hard to find, so when you found your BFF (best friend forever) be sure to treasure them and tell them how much you are thankful for having them in your life. But sometimes we are too shy to say it or we just cannot find the right words to say […]

Fun and Cheap Things you can enjoy with your Friends…

There is always something fun to do whenever you are with friends but as they say “Good things just don’t come cheap”. Eating out, watching movies, shopping is quite an expensive things to do but good friends should never let lack of money to interfere with having fun because true friends enjoy just about doing […]


Love is sweetest when it is young and new but like flowers that needs constant care it is a challenge to keep the love alive. People evolve and grow over the years. There will be challenges and responsibilities and change is inevitable all the time. True that love is magic but we cannot expect magic […]

The Guide to Googling

by Phoebe Dominique M. Adorable                 As students, one thing’s for sure is that for all the time we spend online, we spend a whole lot of it on Google. We’ve all been there, typing in that white bar with those iconic multicoloured letters above it searching for something on the web; probably for an […]


  All of us wanted to save money but only a few can. Saving money is much easier said than done most especially to people than cannot even meet both ends. But you see the tighter the budget is the bigger difference a peso saved can make for you. So here are a few ideas […]

Straight, but not narrow

by Phoebe Dominique M. Adorable                 Not all of us share the same view about the rights and respect others deserve to have. Most of us agree on the conservative beliefs our parents may have, and the generation before them had. But as each generation passes over, they pave the way of what is to […]